Odysseus the Hero

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The definition of a hero is unique for every individual; however there are several regulations that majority of individuals can agree on. A hero must exhibit traits such as humility, kindness, and courage. Once the candidate expresses hubris, displays cruelty, or retreats from a formidable challenge, he cannot be considered a hero. Lastly, a hero candidate must overcome challenges that defy the odds. He must deliver a gift to society that benefits society as a whole; such gifts can be freedom, liberty, or hope. Odysseus in The Odyssey, by Homer, fulfilled these requirements and rightfully earned the title of a hero. Odysseus is well deserving of the title hero because he has put the needs of others before his own, shown signs of courage in the face of adversity, and displays humility by ridding himself of his hubris.

Through temptation and torture, Odysseus never forgets that he must put others’ needs before his own desires. Like a hero, Odysseus has to sacrifice the options that benefit him in order to benefit his others. Specifically, Odysseus accepted the fact that he laid with Kirke in order to free his men from her spell. Though it went against all of his ethics and unfaithful to Penelope, Odysseus’s main objective was to return home with all of his crew alive. He illustrates his true loyalty to Penelope when he declines Kalypso’s offer of immortality. Odysseus immediately responded and refused Kalypso’s offer: “My lady goddess…come (Book V, 223-233).” Many individuals would not decline immortality, but he did not ponder over the thought of living for eternity. Odysseus made this decision based on his ethics and because of true love. Odysseus also makes ethical decisions to save people’s lives. For instance, ...

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...lusion, Odysseus makes ethical decisions to benefit others, overcomes adversity with vast amounts of courage, and illustrates humility by relinquishing his hubris to rightfully earn the title of hero. Whether Odysseus has to be unfaithful to his lover or saving lives by stuffing ears with wax, he never forgets that others’ lives are at stake and sparing them are of paramount importance. Also, the hero expresses a radiant sense of confidence that reflect in others whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. Finally, the hero abandons his bravado in order to find his role in the universe, under the power of the gods. Though he has made several mistakes in the past dealing with his cosmic hubris, he has apologized for his mistakes by showing piety in the gods that tower over him. Overall, Odysseus, through his many actions, has rightfully earned the title hero.
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