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    Odysseus Homer’s The Odyssey, a magnificent story of lust, deceit, greed, and heroism, still fascinates scholars and casual readers alike today in the same way it fascinated its audience at the time it was written. The Odyssey, a journey of determination, patience, and virtue, tells the tail of Odysseus, the main character, on his voyage home to Ithaka after the end of the Trojan War. Odysseus goes through many unforeseen trials and tribulations, which exemplify his character. During these

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    Odysseus is a Greek king of Ithaca in Greek mythology, and a stud of Homer epic poems. A little about him king of Ithaca, Penelope husband, Telemachus father, Laertes and Anticlea sons. He is very guile and resourceful and known by the epithet Odysseus the cunning. However, a theme that everyone recognizes in the Odysseus is the cunning over strength. Odysseus is very intelligent; he is a man of “twist of turns…” The Greek term for his smarts is polytropos. In many of Homer stories the characters

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    One of the major themes of Homer’s Odyssey is the importance of cunning over strength. This also happens to be the case with Odysseus and his long ten year journey home from fighting in Troy. Odysseus uses his intelligence over strength to ‘fight’ through tough times and bring himself home to Ithaca. Odysseus uses his intelligence when he has his men tie him down while passing the Sirens, so he himself will be able to hear their beautiful song, but not be entranced by their singing. He also uses

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    In Homer's Odyssey, he uses the stories of Calypso and Circe to give a reader a glimpse at Greek values. Odysseus is a "perfectly" moral man by Greek standards. In the Calypso episode, Odysseus demonstrates the value of faithfulness, and in the Circe episode, he illustrates Greek values in general. While both goddesses seek Odysseus to be their husband, Odysseus responds as a perfect Greek hero. During the Calypso episode, Homer teachers that one must remain faithful in their hearts. The Circe episode

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    understand and admire a character. The Odyssey delves into the trials of the King of Ithaca, Odysseus, and his wife, Penelope.The twenty year separation brought by the gods allow both to expose their laudable abilities. Both characters show perseverance and faithfulness however, Odysseus can be deemed more admirable as he is more proactive and displays physical strength, leadership and intelligence in his journey. Odysseus and Penelope are exemplary models of perseverance and fidelity. Although both characters

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    Odysseus In homer's Odyssey the main character Odysseus is a person who only tries to help himself. Although he earns the trust of his men while in Troy, he loses it on his perilous journey home. Many times in the epic he manipulates others, commits foolish acts and is full of hubris. He tries to take shortcuts and as a result of this is men are killed and his boats destroyed. He plays with the lives of his men and he is punished for it. Odysseus is not a hero because, he is foolish, lacks

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    Odysseus the one mortal to conquer and defy all odds against him no matter what was thrown his way. To get back home to his wife and child. Odysseus was told by poseidon and many other that he will not make it home and was left with nothing with no direction at all. and in the end he was right when he told the gods “Do you see gods of sea and sky I conquered troy, me Odysseus a mortal man of flesh and blood and bone and mind. I do not need you now I can do anything” The separation where the hero

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    this loyalty. Odysseus is the husband of Queen Penelope and the father of Prince Telemachus. This loyal love is evident in the first book when the muse says, “Much as you long to see your wife, the one you pine for all your days”. Others, like Eurykleia’s loyalty to Odysseus’s household are seen in her love for Telemachos, whom she treats like her own son. When Odysseus is on his long journey the submission to temptation or recklessness neither angers the gods nor distracts Odysseus and the members

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    Odysseus is a hero of all times thanks to Homer who wrote his story in The Odyssey. Odysseus is a hero in his on time because of all his adventures and characteristics. Homer wrote about the Trojan War, in which Odysseus took part in, in the Iliad, and about Odysseus’ long journey home in, The Odyssey. There have been theories that suggest that Homer was illiterate and could not have possibly recited poems of these lengths by memory, and that they were put together much later on and added to. However

  • Character Analysis of Odysseus in the Odysseus by Homer

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    Who was Odysseus? Odysseus was the main character in a story titled The Odyssey; which was written by Homer. In the story, Odysseus is trying to sail back to his home on Ithaca, but on the way home, he encounters a little trouble! Throughout the story he portrays bravery, intelligence, and stays loyal to his crew. Odysseus was brave. He came upon an island of Cyclopes, one-eyed monsters and entered their cave. Despite his crew, who wanted to leave, because they were afraid, Odysseus wanted to stay