Who Are Angels and Demons?

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In today’s time, people think many different things about angels and demons. Some think that an angel is someone who has passed away and is looking over them. Others think that angels are those who are good and in God’s kingdom singing and praising God. And some people think that angels are both people they know that have passed on and are looking over them and that they are beings in God’s kingdom. Demons are thought of in a couple of different ways. Some people think that they are all of the bad people who have passed away and instead of going to Heaven, they have gone down below and live around fire and evil. Others tend to think that they are bad spirits that live amongst us, though you cannot see them. Many Theologians have found that the subject of angels is really a very difficult subject to discuss and prove. “Because, while there is abundant mention of angels in the Bible, the nature of this revelation is without the same kind of explicit description we often find with other subjects developed in Scripture: Every reference to angels is incidental to some other topic” (Keathley). Many people in this world believe in angels, but every time they are mentioned they have been bringing a message from God to people in this world. In the Bible angels are mentioned a lot. “They were created beings (Psalms 148:2 Psalms 148:5 ), and were exuberant witnesses when God brought the world into being (Job 38:7 )” (Wilson). In the Bible, they are mentioned mainly when God wants messages delivered to people. Now in the Bible, it does tell how not all angels were trustworthy and they did not always listen and obey God. “By nature they were spiritual entities, and thus not subject to the limitations of human flesh. Although holy, angels co... ... middle of paper ... ...reated, how they came to be demonic, and their organizational structure are not given significant attention in Scripture because the focus throughout the Bible is on God and his work in Christ rather than on the demonic attempts to demean that work” (Bible.Org). Even though the Bible does not tell us much about how angels turned into demons, you know after reading in the Bible that they were angels that “fell” out of line with God and turned their backs to him. Works Cited Keathley, III, J. Hampton. "Angels, God." Bible.org. (2013).https://bible.org/article/angels-god’s-ministering-spirits>. Wilson, John Macartney. "Angel." 2014. . "Demon." Bible.org. (2014).https://bible.org/article/angels-god’s-ministering-spirits>. Moreau, A. Scott . "Demon Theology." 2014. .
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