Slavery In 12 Years A Slave

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Twelve Years A Slave is a story that opens up a new window into the world of slavery. It shows the real colors of slavery, as well as some inaccuracies to help maintain an outstanding plot. This is why this story has several ways to view it. I will show a few of my views over the next couple paragraphs that show the truths, inaccuracies, relativity. and things to learn from this movie. Twelve Years A Slave is commonly recognized as a very truthful representation of slavery. However, there are a few different scenes that are historically incorrect. The slaves are very valuable pieces of property that are not exactly easy to replace. Slave owners treat their slaves in a very careful way. They treat them with care as though they are a valuable piece of property. At the same time they discipline them enough to make sure they know who is in charge of them, but they are still able to work after their punishment. This is where a few historically incorrect errors come into the movie. One error is when Northrup is walking around and fitting in as a normal person in society. Slaves can be free men, but they still struggle with discrimination and judgement. They still are seen as a lower class citizen that does not belong in a white person's society. In reality, Northrup will be…show more content…
It was a very eye opening movie that made me rethink slavery. The director does an incredible job of making the movie historically accurate and seems to show all angles of slavery. I feel like I learned the way that slaves were treated. They were seen as property, but not valuable property. Slaves were also judged on more than how strong they were. A smart slave could be seen as just as valuable as a strong slave. The last thing that I learned from this movie is that not all of the slave owners and their workers are cruel to the slaves. Some were respectful and kind to the slaves as long as the slaves worked hard and showed
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