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The book “ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave” written by himself, Frederick Douglass, was a great book. When Frederick Douglass wrote this book, his goal was to give a taste of what being a slave is like to everyone. The book gives a very detailed story of the life of Frederick Douglass, what he had went through and how difficult it has been for every slave in America during slavery times.
Mr. Frederick Douglass was born somewhere between 1817 and 1818, and right away became a slave. Him and his mother, Harriet Bailey, were separated right after his birth. Although he has not met his father, Frederick Douglass thinks that his father is Captain Anthony, a worker for Colonel Lloyd, the owner of hundreds of slaves. Working in plantation, or the Great House Farm as it was called, wasn’t as hard for Frederick. Due to his young age he works inside the household, instead of working in the fields like the rest of the slaves did. Somewhere around age of seven, he was given away to Captain Anthony’s relatives who live in Baltimore. There he starts to begin learning how to read and write with the help of Sophia Auld and local boys. While learning how to read and write, he starts noticing that slavery is bad and that in the North the slaves are free. After a couple years with Captain’s Anthony’s relatives, Frederick Douglass is given to Edward Convey, who is a very harsh man and the two of them even get into a fight. While being at Convey’s plantation Frederick Douglass learns the everyday life of a slave, which causes him to lose the interest of breaking out and becoming free, educated man. After a year in Convey’s, Frederick Douglass was moved to William Freeland’s plantation, where he ren...

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...uable bread of knowledge” (page 46). I believe that Frederick Douglass viewed education, as his way out of slavery. It was important for him to learn how to read and write because he has to let others people in the north know slavery is really like. Most people up in the north have not seen what slavery is like, and Douglass would be a perfect person to tell this story to everyone cause he is someone who has been a slave and now is a free man.
After reading this book and recently have seen the movie “Twelve Years a Slave”, I have a better understanding what being a slave felt like. I am glad, I live in a time and the place were slavery is no longer existent. This book showed to me how cruel some people can be, but also how some good can come out of the bad. I really liked this book and I definitely recommend this book to everyone else.
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