Where The Red Fern Grows

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In the story Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Billy is willing to try his best when he wants to get the dogs. He also tries his best when he wants to get Old Dan down from a tree. Billy thinks that God helped him knock the tree down and catch the coon who was up the tree.
Billy tries his best to get the dogs he saw in an ad, he found in a magazine by the lake were fishermen fish. He picked berries util his feet were covered with scratches because of the bushes. He also hunted for coons with the traps his father got him. He would sell the fur and the berries in his grandfather's store. After two years Billy finally had enough money to get the dogs he wanted. He was so excited that instead of waiting for the dogs to come to him he went to the dogs. After getting the puppies Billy got into a fight with some school kids because they were picking on the puppies and Billy was getting angry. He wanted to protect the puppies
When Billy and his dogs went coon hunting Old Dan went up a dead hollow tree to try and catch the coon who went up there. So Billy had to go up and get him down. Billy tried as hard as he could to get his big dog down, then he finally did. When Old Dan got down he was so eager to get the coon he went back up the tree. So Billy went up the tree again and tried to get him down. With all his strength he finally got Old Dan Down for the second time.
Billy thinks that God helped him in getting the tree to fall and catching the coon. This all happened when Billy promised his dogs that if they get the coon up the tree he would get the coon. So Billy thought of climbing the tree but it was to high. So he tried to cut the tree down. It took along time; Billy's Grandpa made a dummy so Billy can go home and rest. The purpose of the dummy was to make the coon think that a person was standing there. So the coon would stay up on the tree for several days before he finds out that the dummy is fake. When Billy went back to the tree he started cutting and cutting, but the tree was too big and thick to cut down.
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