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On Golden Pond is a movie about a man (Norman) growing older and facing the normal parts of aging such as hearing loss, decreased mobility and memory problems. Norman Thayer is a retired professor and Ethel his wife is a housewife with a bright personality, the couple decides to go to their summer cottage for vacation. The couple is visited by their daughter Chelsea who has a strained relationship with her father and her fiancé (Billy) and his son (Billy Jr.) Chelsea and Billy Sr. leave his son behind so that they can travel to Europe for vacation. Billy is not happy to stay behind and tells the elderly couple not to mess with him because he knows they don’t really want to keep him and he knows that he has just been dumped off. The couple…show more content…
In the movie Norman loses his way trying to find the old road to go pick strawberries for Ethel and becomes scared and frightened telling Ethel I ran to get back to you because I was scared and I needed to get back to you to feel safe. When Norman went out into the woods he did become easily confused and scared unfortunately for some elderly doing something routinely can become scary so easily without warrant. According to (Theris A. Touhy, 2008) “With increasing age and dependency the environment becomes a larger factor in maintaining a sense of security. Anxiety and insecurity increase when situations and conditions become unpredictable”. Norman found himself in a predictable situation starting off going down to a road he always knew but then the situation turned unpredictable so quick and he became and anxious to get back to what was normal and safe. Which happens so quick with the elderly one day the person will wake up cognitive and the next day the same routines can be foreign. It’s important for the care giver to stay the same regardless of the situation and get the patient back on the right track. Ethel after hearing Norman’s story let him know she would walk with him on the route and familiarize him with the road that had become

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