Stephen King and the Pet Sematary

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Stephen Edwin King was the son of Donald King and Ruth Pillsbury-King. He was born on September 21st, 1947 in the town of Portland, Maine. Stephen’s dad, Donald, abandoned the family when Stephen was very young. Stephen grew up with his hard working mother and his older brother, David. Stephen and his family moved around a lot throughout his childhood, but they finally settled in Durham, Maine when Stephen was eleven. Stephen was a student at Durham Grammar School, and he continued his schooling at Lisbon Falls High School and graduated in 1966.Throughout Stephen’s years in school he was an introverted child. He read many comic books and fantasy-horror fiction novels, and he loved to watch science fiction and monster movies in his free time. Stephen wrote many short stories while he was in high school, and he even won an essay contest. Aside from his schooling, Stephen was played on his high school’s football team and he was in a band called the MoonSpinners. After high school, Stephen went to the University of Maine to major in English. While in college, Stephen took many writing classes and continued writing his stories. He also wrote a column in the University’s newspaper. He tried to make money off of his writings, but since he got a small amount of income for his short stories he had to work other odd jobs as well. He graduated from the university with a B.A. in English in 1970. After graduating from university, Stephen married Tabitha Spruce whom he later had three children with, and he began teaching at Hampden Academy. In 1973 Stephen’s first novel, Carrie, was published, so Stephen quit his teaching job to become a full time author. Stephen has published many works since 1973.
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The day before Thanksgiving, Louis took Rachel and the kids to the airport to fly out to Chicago to see her parents. Louis did not want to go because he did not have a good relationship with his father in law, Irwin Goldman. When Louis and Rachel first got engaged Irwin offered to pay for Louis’s college if he would leave Rachel. This left a bad taste in Louis’s mouth and he refused to break it off with Rachel, so ever since then Irwin and Louis had a bad relationship.
On Thanksgiving Louis went across the street to eat with Jud and Norma. After eating he went back home and fell asleep. He woke up to the sound of the phone ringing, and when he answered it was Jud on the other end. Jud told Louis that he had found a dead cat in his yard and believed it was Church. Louis rushed right over to see it really was Church, and he worried about how to tell Ellie.
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