When I Become A Nurse Manager

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Conflict management is an area of concern for managers and nursing leaders alike for establishing a safe, effective, and team oriented work environment. It is important that nursing leaders possess a range of skills that will unite, encourage, and direct their employees to attain and maintain the goals and visions of an organization. Conflicts happen often in the workplace and generally involve disagreements between people with opposing views or conflicting personalities (Lamberton & Minor, 2014, p. 262). They also happen defining issues, with conflicting thoughts of an individual, and from the work place itself. These topics of conflict will be explored more in depth and how it relates to my personal and professional success. Recognizing and handling conflicting situations is an important skill I wish to attain if and when I become a nurse manager. Nurse managers and leaders will need a variety of conflict management skills and be able to apply them to resolve conflicts and any undesirable situations. Knowledge, experience and communication skills are vital aspects in a leaders repertoire that will enable adaptability and adjustability to the variety of conflicts encountered. Many conflicts are a result of communication breakdowns or the lack of it altogether. The negativity caused by conflicts will often help stimulate new ideas, approaches, and creativity that will turn a undesirable situation into one that generates functionality, harmony, and agreement (Lamberton & Minor, 2014, p. 262). Understanding the source and origin of conflicts allows managers the chance to control or guide their outcomes. Conflicts are a part of life and occur frequently with the choices we make, with the policies and rules of the work env... ... middle of paper ... ...to provide safe and quality care to our patients. Patient staffing has improved considerably and has afforded the time myself to improve my skills as a professional and attitude towards this nursing facility. In conclusion, conflicts occur daily and by understanding the exact cause of them will allow people to begin the process of resolving them. Four different sources of conflicts have all been a part of my growing successes as an individual and professional. Many people see conflicts as a positive force that stirs the creativity, problem-solving, and leadership abilities that may have been unnoticed. How each of choose to approach and handle each source of conflict will mold us personally and professionally. Conflicts can be a positive experience when they are approached with an open mind and an understanding that others may have different values and beliefs.
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