“When All You’ve Ever Wanted Wasn’t Enough”

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“It’s not how much we have”, says Charles Spurgeon, “but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” At first, I did not agree with this statement. I believed that success reflected the amount of money and fame someone had. But after giving some thought to this saying, I discovered that I was completely wrong. In his article, “When All You’ve Ever Wanted Wasn’t Enough”, author Harold Kushner illustrates the idea that happiness is not something that is tangible, because it cannot be measured by a person’s accomplishments. The article further states that society’s approach towards pursuing happiness will not fulfill them in the long run. Kushner concludes that being happy is pursued only by living a meaningful life. I strongly agree with the author’s statement. Although the meaning of happiness always depends on certain morals and understanding, the idea of happiness is universal. Giving back to others, working hard, and striving for a persistent life exemplifies the true idea of happiness. From the experience of giving back to the community in The Happiest Refugee and through my personal experiences, it is recognized that happiness is a byproduct, not a primary goal.

For one thing, giving back to others is one area in which the universal concept of happiness is a final result. In his work, Kushner says “no matter how hard we work at being successful, success won’t satisfy us.” I strongly agree with this statement. Society tends to be preoccupied with themselves and their busy lives. They often fail to realize that success does not equal the amount of happiness someone has obtained. Additionally, happiness is something that is elusive and indefinable. If people focus on the big picture instead of themselves all the ti...

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... principle.

What is “happiness”? Happiness is something that is not measurable. Constantly searching for happiness is like an eternal game of hide and seek. We might actually find happiness at one point in life. But this happiness decides to hide in another place for us to seek once again. Don’t be scared to find what genuinely makes you ecstatic in life, no matter what others may think. While the meaning of happiness always depends on standards and values, the concept of happiness is universal. Giving back to others, working hard, and becoming motivated to live a meaningful life accurately explains happiness. In the long run, life is about discovering irreplaceable, gratifying, and eternal happiness. After all, it is clearly up to us to choose what truly makes us happy.

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