What's Equality?

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This essay has three main parts; it will attempt to provide an answer to the question. What is equality? The term equality has many connotations in the English language; therefore, it will be necessary to use it in the societal context. It will be required to take a brief look at the history of equality using examples and references from such writers as Marx, and Tawney. Following on, a more current outline will be used to provide a more up to date perspective. The assignment will then proceed to give a definition, with examples, to the meaning of equal opportunity. For the purpose this essay the, more, general term will be used to describe equal opportunity. Attention will also be paid to the relevant legislation that underpins equal opportunities within modern day society. The essay will go on to a critical discussion on how equality is applied in society, or not as the case may be. The discussion will include comparisons from main stream political parties and where the student feels necessary, examples, and consideration will be given throughout to the views of service users and members of the public. This is intended to provide depth and insight into how equality and equal opportunities affect certain sections of society. Finally, this assignment will conclude with a comprehensive summary of the essay. The history of equality can be traced back many years. Aristotle and Plato, Greek philosophers, had many views on the balance between the free-thinking worth of individuals versus the needs of society to be led by the best and smartest. For Marxists, the backbone of Marxism is equality the root of all inequality is capitalism, providing differences of wealth, wages, living conditions education and housing. A society that i... ... middle of paper ... ...he various writers and student. However, equality is such a varied concept no one idea could accurately demonstrate what equality is. Equality is many things to different people. As long as the words respect and fairness are included the definition is not far from being accurate. Secondly, the essay looked at the meaning of equal opportunities. The essay provided an insight into the legislation that underpins equal opportunities and also how it impacts on society. Finally, the essay gave a discussion, with examples, of how equality works within society. This has included observations from service users and members of the public. It was generally perceived that there are still inequalities in today’s modern society, mainly towards the poorer member of society. It was also accepted that these inequalities would remain in the present economic climate.
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