What made the American Revolution Revolutionary?

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When forced under a model of authority, comes a yearning for independence. And because independence was the key factor to a free nation, Americans started a revolution. The American Revolution was in fact revolutionary because the patriots and those who wanted freedom had the desires of stating their demands to the British, taking action when needed, which all lead to the established formation of a new nation that was not under a monarch, but a democracy.
The British’s ideals and expectations were different from the colonists’ views about the roles and rights of the people. According the textbook “Of The People A History of the United States,” the British became “ dismayed by what they perceived as the colonists’ selfishness….” (169). Compared to the British army, which was a disciplined military, the colonists’ forces were referred to as amateurs. The colonists believed that they were fighting for the British for only a certain amount of time by a contract, and if anything rule in the contract became violated, the soldier was considered free and was able to go home. Unofrtunately, the British expected “the same discipline from the colonists as they did from their own army” (170). They were to be subjected to uncompromising British martial law. Not only was British martial law for colonist soldiers a key attribution to please the British, they as well expected colonists to pay taxes no matter how much they began to increase because of higher tax rates to support the British military. The four pieces of legislation that Parliament passed that forced the colonists to support the army were the Molasses Act of 1733, it “established a duty of six cents per gallong” (174). The Sugar Act of 1764, that dropped the duty down t...

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...coln, Abraham). It was the start of a revolution for the Americans.
Britain was the legal and legitimate owner of the American Colonies. The Colonies decided upon a forcible break with the mother country and alleged wrongful acts by the British Government. Because we wanted our own society and our own form of government in effort to shift from a monarchy to a form of democracy, the British imposed us with many unruly laws which did give us a say in the government whatsoever; King George III of Great Britain ignored our problems because he was only required to make any laws he wanted regardless people disagreed with them or not and we could not vote for a politician that would serve our interests America is the one of the only nation in the world whose establishment was only based on an idea. And that one idea is what made the American Revolution a revolution.
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