What Makes A Good Educator

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In this paper, the criteria of what makes a good educator will be discussed and evaluated. We will go into depth on the key points such as the beliefs of knowledge, skills, and depositions an educator of young children should possess. Along with that, the topic of what a good teacher should know about his/her students will be addressed. We will go into the differences of a general education teacher and compare/contrast with a special education teacher. Lastly, what will be discussed are any teachers that played a significant role in my personal life. I’ll be sure to share experiences and give examples of the way they changed my beliefs and personal theories.

Everyone has come up with their own personal beliefs about teaching, education, and what actually makes a good, beneficial teacher. The subject is a difficult one to answer with just a few short words. Personally, I believe that good teachers are made from the following: knowledge of skills of all aspects of learning and child development, patience, and a desire to see a change in the way the world views education. Not only that, but a teacher must know how to arouse the students’ cognitive, social/emotional, and physical mind’s needs. Lastly, a teacher must be dedicated to his/her job, and know that whatever the outcome, at the end of the school year, they’ve done their best to relay their knowledge onto the children. It takes a lot to be a teacher, and it is hard, but I believe those who are called to it, can be extraordinary and exemplary individuals that can change a child’s life.
While some would dare to differ, I believe young children are the most difficult to teach. Educators of young children teach the basic fundamentals and principles of life that ena...

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...was eight, my mom had been teaching for only a few years, but in middle school. I knew that working with the younger children was what I wanted to do, even if at the time I did not know how. Teaching and working with children was a passion for me, and now, I’m going to school to make it my profession.
In conclusion, teachers are the basis for all learning, and each one, if properly applied, has a beautiful gift. The gift given to teachers to bestow on their students is something that other people are not able to understand. I personally believe that I am called to teach, love, and nurture children, helping them to understand and retain the necessary knowledge of life. Teaching, for me is a life-long dedication to school, and improving the children that sit within the classrooms. I will dedicate my life-long learning to educating and bettering the lives of students.
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