What Makes A Good Teacher?

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As I interviewed Ms. Kimyetta Green the director/teacher at Lee’s Cuddles ‘N’ Care I had to ask some background question first. I asked Ms. Green how long has she being working for the center and she stated, “I have been here over 10 years”. Then I asked her, “What made you decide to go into early childhood education”? She stated, “I love teaching the children and I have always had a passion for teaching the children”. I can relate to Ms. Kim because I feel the same way. I have always had a passion to work with children to teach them everything they need to know so they can transition over into kindergarten with no problems.
Now as I get to the interview question I ask Ms. Kim “What makes a good teacher” and she stated, “A good teacher helps a child to learn, develop, and grow in every aspect of their lives. They have to be dedicated to their job and make sure they are given the child their undivided attention when needed”. Then she continued on to say, “Good teachers will redirect the child from a negative situation to a positive situation, give out extra hugs when the child need one, focus on the child’s academic achievements, and encourage the child to be successful”. I thought these were some amazing answers but we continued on with the interview. The next question asked Ms. Green was “What curriculum is used for each of the content areas you teach”? Ms. Green stated, “At Lee’s Cuddles ‘N’ Care we use the curriculum of teacher strategy gold which it is called creative curriculum. This assess the child’s growth and development in literacy, mathematics, social-emotional, and much more. The children in the preschool for all program uses this curriculum and it covers all the content areas needed for the child. Then I went on to ...

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...ding. I say this because the teacher has the power to help motivate that child to read by engaging with the children during read-aloud and ask them open-ended questions this will expand the children vocabulary and they learn new words.
As I was coming to a close in the interview I did thank Ms. Green for her time and I asked her is there anything she would recommend for me and she said, “You are a good teacher and I have watched you as a teacher and you are doing a good job with the children. You use the creative curriculum and you follow all the objectives and dimensions for teacher strategy gold. You assess the children when needed and you look for the indicators on teacher strategy gold. I will add that you need to be more firm with the children so the children will know you are a serious teacher”. I thanked her for the feedback and thank her again for her time.
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