What Is The Relationship Between Technology And Social Media And Relationships

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Technology, Social Media, and Relationships. Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Smart phones, tablets, and laptops, and scores of others; do you think these objects are bringing us closer or further apart? What you might be thinking is that it is actually bringing us closer, but the truth is that technology and everything that could be included in the word “technology”, is changing the way we interact with others, especially with our significant others. When it comes to relationships, trust issues (mainly because of technology) is the number one reason of breakups. Technology takes a big place in relationships, not only in light of the fact that it’s a way to communicate…show more content…
People started contacting others just when they needed someone else’s help, because of course now we can just call and ask for help. But the problem here is not just the technology and social media but the way we use it. The majority of people are just letting technology control what they do and how they do with their lives. In the final analysis, the impact of social media and technology on relationships and face-to-face interactions takes a big place. Technology takes our valuable time and converts it into a waste of time on our smart phones, tablets, and laptops. It bothers me that we cannot have a civil conversation with anyone anymore. When you’re walking in the hallways of your school I would say that almost every single person you see is looking at their cell phone’s screen, either texting, taking videos on Snapchat, taking selfies, checking their Facebook updates, etc. no matter what it is they are doing, technology is taking the time we used to spend with friends and
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