What Is The Persuasive Speech About Obesity

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I. Introduction: Obesity is one of the nation 's fastest-growing health problems. This video show that there are problems caused by people who most organizations and businesses have policies about accommodating the obese. The corporate world is completely full of heavyset employees, reason of obesity. Corporate wellness is the key to solve this problem of employees in Florida. Problems: What can Florida 's CEO 's do to reduce employees ' obesity in their business? Thesis Statement: Today we are going to present about the effects of obesity in business, some of its causes, and past efforts to solve this problem. II. First, we need to talk about how obesity 's negative effects on both the company’s workers and production. A. According to Stanford…show more content…
Joint problems are also caused by obesity, which damages the knees and hips due to the overload of weight. 4. Finally, this disease also impacts on the development of respiratory problems, metabolic syndrome, or even cancer. B. Also, obesity have psychological and social consequences. 1. One clear example is the relationship this disease has with depression. 2. Moreover, a study done by this institution showed how obese people are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 3. Also, The Journal of Lancaster General Hospital claims that due to the society’s negative perception and reaction to obesity, obese people can suffer from disorders of mood, anxiety, and substance abuse. C. Obesity’s effects on the human body of the employees can cause different issues that damage the economy of a company. 1. According to John Crawley, an economics professor at Cornel University, obesity medical care, including the visits to the doctors, treatments, and medicines, costs a company about $3.508 a year per person. 2. Tatiana Adreyeba, director of economic initiatives at the Rudd Center, agrees with the Huffington Post in that obese workers can be less productive than “healthy” workers; this last webpage mentions that overweight workers miss 450 million more days each year than their colleagues, costing businesses $153 billion annually in lost…show more content…
We must implement health assessments. a) These assessments help the employee see their needs. b) The employee will be motivated to change and to know how to change to improve their health. 3. It is important to create a healthy environment in the corporation, so we must look at this as an investment in health and wellness and not an expense. F. There are some interesting stories of corporations with wellness programs. 1. According to Aurora healthcare, a review of 32 studies of corporate wellness programs found that after implementing their programs, claims costs were reduced by 28 percent! 2. Emory Cook, the director of human resource programs at Shands Jacksonville medical Center, states they got back $5.97 for every $1 they invested in their wellness program. 3. There have been more than 200 studies conducted since about 1974 looking at results of these wellness interventions at worksites. IV. Finally, there are solutions of the obesity problem. A. For instance, Junk food can be replaced with in vending machines and the cafeteria of the workplace. B. A more detailed approach would be what Rhiannon said, to look at it as an investment rather than an expense. On-site gyms with trainers and incentive

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