What Is The Magical Place At Walt Disney World

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Where Everything is Magical People travel from all over the world to come to Walt Disney World. Some might say it is the happiest place to be on earth. It’s a beautiful and magical place that tourist must visit at some point in life. There are plenty of things to do at Walt Disney World; it would take many days to do them all. Walt Disney World the most magical place on earth has the friendliest cast members but becomes more costly as the prices and dimensions change. Walt Disney first released their plans for Walt Disney World in 1965, to the public (Walt Resort). Walt Disney purchased 27,258 acres of land to build Walt Disney World (Walt Resort). Walt Disney World is the same size as the city of San Francisco (Disney). Walt Disney World has 4.5 miles of beach line between Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake (Walt Resort). It cost $5,018,770 to purchase this land for Walt Disney World. $180 an acre was the price of the land before Walt Disney was named the person buying the land, then the price was raised to $1000 an acre. To build Walt Disney World, fifty- two months were needed for construction. Eight million cubic yards of earth were moved to build Walt Disney World. Just to prepare the site to build the Magic Kingdom, eighteen months were need just to move dirt. Two thousand acres remain open for development at Walt Disney World (Walt Resort). Abraham 2 Walt Disney World employs 58,000 people, making it the biggest single site employer (Walt Resort). Walt Disney World spends 1.1 million dollars on payroll annually (Walt Resort). Walt Disney World Doesn’t have employees though, they are called Cast Members (Shaw). Walt Disney World has some pretty strict rules for these cast members. To work at Disney a Cast Memb... ... middle of paper ... ...pounds of fries annually! Now knowing all this doesn’t Walt Disney World sound like a great place to get married. Since September of 1991 fifteen thousand weddings have taken place there. What better way to end a newlywed couple and the other entire guest at Walt Disney World then having a beautiful fire work show every night. This makes Walt Disney World the largest consumer of fireworks in North America (Walt Resort). Opening back on October 1, 1971, Walt Disney World amazed many people, just as it does still to this day. It is the most magical place on earth. Although the prices have gone up, the time enjoyed and having fun there never changes. The Cast Members do a wonderful job at making as enjoyable as possible. It’s impossible to outgrow the joy of Walt Disney World, it is a trip that all should make in their lifetime. Just remember it’s never too late.

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