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Have you ever been to Disney World, a place that bring not only happiness but also joy? Coming to Disney, people can finally meet their favorite childhood character. It 's bring back their childhood’s precious memories. No matter what age you are, when coming to Disney you can express your inner child without worry about what others thinking.
First, I want to talk a little about Walt Disney. He born on December 5,1901 in Chicago, Illinois, his job was a movie producer. His parents are farmers, one came from Canada and one came from Ohio. Moreover, his father is a harsh religious fundamentalist, he denied his children toys, games, sport equipment related to their childhood. This experiment of Disney had a big impact on his passion for children’s
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The round trip to Disney World are $1200, there are two options of resort hotels that parents can choose, either non Disney hotel for $500 or Disney hotels for $1300. Usually, family with little children they will choose Disney hotels because it close to the park and they will find that it 's much more convenient to just take the bus, monorail, boat, or even walking from their hotel to the parks. Another benefits of staying on-site in Disney World is about Extra Magical Hours. Certain parks at Walt Disney World open early and late, and it only for on-site resort hotel 's guests. It is an excellent way to do more than they normally could as the lines are often shorter during these times of days. There are more benefits of staying on-site, but in all, It’s an escape from the reality to a magical place. Some people might not understand the benefits of staying on-site, but there are a lot of amazing things that they simply cannot get while staying at an off-site…show more content…
I began to ask myself more questions and spend more time searching deeper, and in the end, I got even more great information and knowledge about Walt Disney World and how it was built. Throughout the research paper I learned that I will not regret about going to visit Disney World, because according to people who have been to this magical place, over 70% of them said that they will definitely return and visit it again whenever they have time for vacation.
In conclusion, Disney really is a place that bring happiness to family and kid, it left them a memorial time, It also shows that people of all ages become kids again when they visited the park. Its bring them back to their old time when they meet their favorite childhood characters. Therefore, going to Disney World will give parents a nice relaxing vacation with dinner and shopping, while their kids having fun at the same time. Most important thing is that they spend their precious time together with family and going back to being a kid
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