What Is The Legacy Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Throughout John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s life, he left behind not only a “household name” but also an American legacy. Both his name and face are recognized all across the United States as a legendary icon who touched every heart and every mind in America. From the day JFK was born, May 29, 1917, to the tragic day of his assassination on November 22, 1963, he completely inspired and earned full trust from the citizens of America. John F. Kennedy (also known as “Jack”) did not have the average childhood. He grew up in a very wealthy, very political Catholic family. His parents had high hopes for all nine of their children. but actually aspired for John’s older brother to become president. However, after the untimely and tragic death of his older Navy brother, he took his parents dreams for him upon himself. His political career began when he ran for Congress in Massachusetts in 1946. Not long after serving as the senator at 36 years old he was married to Jacqueline Bouvier. John became extremely popular not only because of his age, but he was also a popularly published author. His wor...
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