What Is The Five Core Characteristics Of Employee Satisfaction

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degree of their satisfaction with their physiological or psychological needs and the extent to which they can result in other outcomes that satisfy their needs or are expected to do so, 3) there is a relationship between the extent to which the conditions at workplace can be arranged to promote the employees’ satisfaction with their own needs by effective working toward organizational goals and the employees’ tendency to work hard to achieve such goals, 4) most low-level human needs can be reasonably satisfied on a continuous basis and therefore cannot be considered as motivational contributors except under unusual circumstances, and 5) individuals who are able to satisfy their higher-order needs will experience such satisfaction when they…show more content…
The above five core job characteristics are considered as determinants of three critical psychological states. For example, skill variety, task identity and task significance together lead to a psychological state of experienced meaningfulness. On the other hand, autonomy leads to experienced responsibility and feedback results in knowledge of results. These psychological states collectively lead to high levels of work satisfaction, internal work motivation, performance and reduced absence and employee
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