What Is The Difference Between The Laptop And Computer Essay

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In the world of personal technology, their has always been such a huge gap between the two types of Personal Computers. Those two types are the Desktop and the Laptop. Arguments going to one side or the other. This is mostly for the people that don"t seem to grasp the very idea of the two sided discussion. These two machines are very different in few categories. These categories are their make/how are they made, pricing, portability, power and repairing. These are the most topics spoken of when it comes to this discussion. The first topic is their make. Lets start with the desktop. Desktops are made by yourself. They come from cases and parts bought from local retailers or online retailers. These parts bought are made to work excellent and…show more content…
First is desktop. Desktop pricing is very ranged. It goes between if you want to buy an already built tower or buy all the parts and put it together yourself. For a already built tower, It is very a steep price and not as rewarding. For parts that you build, it is quite inexpensive. The only thing about it is its very specific and certain parts work together. Computer knowledge is required for this route. Now the laptop. Laptops are not at all surprising expensive and parts vary based on model. Getting a laptop that fits your needs requires you to either throw your entire wallet or pray the laptop you get works well. Basically a grab…show more content…
Do not worry, it is not software solutions. We are talking about opening it up and fixing it from the inside. Its like surgery if you think about it. For the desktop. Repair is the best heaven. If its wire malfunctions or a part needs to be centered or simply you need to clean it because dust buildup. It is all easy. The only danger is the computer. It is like surgery. One wrong move and you could destroy it as a whole. For a laptop, the surgery aspect works as well but the repair-ability is very limited. If the motherboard has a problem. There is no way to fix it. Here is why. All parts in a laptop are soldered. None can be taken out with the exception of RAM and hard drive. Problem with the processor? Can 't take it out to fix. All you can do is buy another
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