The DMZ (Deilitarized Zone In The Computer World

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The term DMZ (demilitarized zone) in the computer world refers to a buffer zone that separates the Internet and your private network or LAN. The DMZ is considered more trusted than the Internet but less trusted than the internal network. Many commercial routers use the term DMZ when they are simply bypassing their filters and NAT protection and forwarding all traffic to a specific host. This setup is not a true DMZ although can serve the purpose of one. One way to create a DMZ is with a machine or device that has three NICs (Network Interface Controller) in it one for the WAN connection, one for the DMZ network and one for the internal network. This configuration centralizes the security of all three networks to one system. If this machine…show more content…
The primary concern of most purchasers is money. Everyone is on a tight budget, but you must also ensure that you choose a system that is right for your needs. Processing speed is generally going to be the primary complaint for most computer users. The biggest complaint of most users is that their system is simply "not fast enough". "Not fast enough" can mean many different things. To objectively shop for new computer one must figure out why their existing system is really not up to their needs. To do so, they should take a look at their usage habits. Find out what programs they are using and why the system is not running efficiently with those programs. It could be that their system simply needs more memory. It could also be that simple maintenance would need to be performed on the system. Simple operations such as defragmenting the hard drive or uninstalling programs that are see utilizing all the resources in the system could make the computer feel like it is new again. Many times systems, especially those running Windows operating systems, will become bogged down over time with temporary Internet files, bloated registries, malicious programs and simply useless programs that users don 't even use. Many times simply reinstalling the operating system on the computer will make the user feel as though it is new again. However, in many instances new software that users try to purchase is simply too much for their existing system to handle. In these cases one cost saving measure could be to simply upgrade the system. Many computers, especially those that are built from parts ordered online, are easily upgraded. Many times a faster processor or more RAM can simply be installed; bringing new life to a computer. However, systems or purchase from stores or large box retailers such as Dell and HP, are generally much more hassle to upgrade as they
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