My New Computer

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1978 words

My New Computer

If I had the opportunity to build my own computer I would add the following components:

1. Mother Board - $134.99

2. Processor - $78.99

3. RAM - $209.99

4. Power Supply - $96.96

5. Case - $49.99

6. CPU Cooler - N/A

7. Video Card - $74.99

8. Music Card - $85.47

9. Speakers - $48.67

10. Hard Drive - $168.90

11. CD – RW and DVD-RW – 49.99

12. Modem - $99.99

13. Keyboard & Mouse – $64.99 (before $20.00 rebate)

14. Monitor - $169.99

15. Software - $88.00

I would follow the format presented by Rob Williams, to build my own computer because he has already done the homework and offers several tutorials for the not so gifted and not quite computer literate. Williams, R (2006/11/26), MY SUPER PC. Retrieved November 27, 2006, Web site: Http:// . Mr. Williams offers this advice to anyone who is planning to build their own computer, the first rule of building your own PC is called the “six month rule of delayed acquisition”. He suggests that any hardware or software be at least six months old before you purchase it. He cites three very good reasons for following this six month rule the first being that the price will drop drastically in the first six months. Secondly, the bugs in the product will be worked out in this time period. But a third and very important reason to follow the six month rule is that in six months there will be “volumes” of information about an item and how it performs.

Item one on my list is a Mother Board. The Mother Board is the main circuit board of a microcomputer. It acts as the connector for attaching additional boards. Typically, the motherboard contains the CPU, BIOS, memory, mass storage interfaces, serial and parallel ports, expansion slots, and all the controllers required to control standard peripheral devices, such as the display screen, keyboard, and disk drive. Collectively, all these chips that reside on the motherboard are known as the motherboard's chipset. I have chosen to purchase the “GIGABYTE M57SLI-S4” Motherboard. My reason for this is the following review retrieved from Sun, A (2006/6/20). Retrieved December 2, 2006, Web site:, “AMD recently launched their AM2 platform and along with that new CPUs and motherboard chipsets to support those CPUs. The AM2 platform is based upon the Socket 940 interface, with support for DDR2 memory making the platform the choice for the hard core enthusiast at the moment. Differing chipset manufacturers have announced chipsets to support the new standard and in a few months there should be many chipsets supporting AM2.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that if they had the opportunity to build their own computer, they would add the following components:
  • Explains the most common type of ram with an access time of 30ns or more.
  • Explains that the bus speed of ram should typically equal that of the motherboards.
  • Explains rob williams' advice to anyone planning to build their own computer: hardware or software should be at least six months old before you purchase it.
  • Recommends the g.skill ddr sdram 2 gb ram and the spire rocketeer 500w psu from
  • Describes how they would build their perfect computer. they would change only the operating system to a system that would have to be specifically designed for the post office.
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