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I have participated in softball since I was old enough to swing a bat. I began to play t-ball when I was four years old and I have continued to play up to this day at eighteen years old. I have always enjoyed the sport even when times got rocky and frustration got the best of me. To me, softball was a great way to get my exercise, relieve stress, and meet new friends along my journey. Playing softball has taught me patience (as much as I could handle), it encouraged me to better myself as a player, teammate, and myself. I have developed many leadership skills that I would not have learned without this sport. I understand how to stand fair along with loyal in and out of the game. I have adapted to change and differential situations; as my …show more content…

Making my way to success in my occupation is not an easy road, but my mind is set on my goal. Where did I learn to set a goal? That’s right, softball. Softball has taught me that rewarding word; experiencing minor goals in this sport and overcoming with joy once that goal is met. It shows how satisfying a MAJOR reached goal would be. Setting goals gives clarity on what you want. Whether it is in sports or life events; it is a self-motivator. It leaves me accountable for my actions and grants me responsibility. Overall, playing softball has rewarded me in so many different ways and has blessed me with the vital part to get through my process of nursing mentally and physically. I will always be reminded throughout my life, what softball has done for me along with how it has governed my capability to learn, having an open mind, not to mention the confidence I have …show more content…

It will encourage students to try their best to accomplish superior grades. It opens their eyes in a different perspective on behavior as well as stronger scholastic peer relationships. It gives students activities excluding school work, because teenagers generally focus their mind on unacceptable actions. Parents commonly show passion along with appreciation when their child/children play a sport. They get to have a closer relationship and be elaborate with them more often than normal. Frequently, students do not care about their reputation or acknowledge the adults’ opinions on themselves; but in my opinion, playing sports and being mostly involved with their schools presents an improved character while in school and once they graduate. I was once told that “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” Additionally, self-esteem in high school is hard to come by, occasionally sports help! Sports cause you to interact with other people and uplift you to do better. It presents a sharpened perspective on your schoolwork, career, future, and life altogether. In some cases, playing a sport can benefit you in an enhanced form. Scholarships can be a broad opportunity for valuable players with a good education on their shoulders. As well as, college recruitment can be another option. Money is hard to come by for college and if that seems to be a struggle for a student playing a sport can help tremendously. That

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have played softball since they were four years old. they have developed leadership skills, patience, and a positive attitude.
  • Explains that playing softball has helped them achieve their dream of becoming a registered nurse.
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