What Is Decision Making

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Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Related Literature Foreign In a book entitled, the Decision Making and Problem Solving Strategies written by John Adair, (1997), decision-making is all about deciding what action to take by a group or individuals; it usually involves choice between two options. He also included that thinking should not be considered as a painful and laborious feeling in the mind because it is fun in a way that it trains the brain and it will be natural for a person to think always. Decision-making is one of life’s most important responsibilities. This is what makes life on going. There are things that make a person unique from one another. The ability to make decision based on what a person observes is what…show more content…
These include past experiences, cognitive biases, an escalation of commitment, individual differences, including age and socioeconomic status, and a belief in personal relevance. People do not have the same intellect, attitude, and mind when it comes to making their own move. There are different people who experienced something in the past and wished to correct it by making the right decisions. There are also that has influenced the way they think because of certain individuals. They make their own decisions if they know that it will make them happy and satisfied. According to an article in the website, emotions have been a big part when it comes to decision making. It is stated that when emotions get the upper hand when it comes to decision making, the results could be good or devastated. The article also stated that emotions could be a big help. Before arriving on what decisions to make, one must learn how to recognize and name their feeling. The article suggested that a decision maker must know himself or herself first when making big decision in
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