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Composition is one of the processes of word formation in the Old English period. A compound is joining two or more words to express a meaning in a certain way. The strategies of English word compounding are primarily inherited from its origin Proto Indo-European language. In compound words, the last or final element is what express the general meaning and dictate the part of speech as well as the gender. In modern English, the nucleus of the noun phrase compound is usually placed at the end of the compound, which is the same in the Old English Period. In nominal compounds, a noun is add to either another noun, an adjective or an adverb. A noun+ noun compound is one of the compounds that existed in the Old English period. An example is (lar + hus ) which means school in today’s English. Usually the first noun is not inflected but there is exceptions as in ( Engla + land ) which means Angels land and now is England(Bradley.H). The first element was inflected Engla and as the loss of inflection affected the whole language the a was dropped. Compound nouns are interested because some of them are names of places, which got their names from the people associated with it at that time. These compound nouns usually go through a not very noticeable change in their evolution toward the modern English as in the previous example ( Engla + land ). The loss of inflection affected the word evolution as it goes from period of time to another. The compound noun Englaland in the Old English period gives a sense or a sign of those people who once inhabited the British Isle and that is why compound nouns are more interesting then other types of compounds. A compound resulting from joining one noun to another is one out of many other compounds. The... ... middle of paper ... ...’s eyes” as daisy in Modern English. The phonetic change that compounds go through is noticeable in places names. Stanton, a city in California was to be pronounced as “ Stonetown” which is Old English compound of “Stan” meaning stone and still used and “ tun” as town if the phonetic change did not occur. Moreover, compounds were replaced by words from Latin and French in Middle English, as they were considered insufficient. The Old English words scopcræft “poetry” and læcecræft ”medicine” along with many other words were replaced by adopted words from Latin and French in the Middle English Period. Due to the compound replacement, the English language has lost some of its capacity for forming compounds (Bradley.H). Moreover, compounding in the Old English period created a lot of new words and was used in poetry. Old English poetry used compounding comprehensively

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