The Great Vowel Shift

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It is one of the main languages in the world and it is the international language these days. English language is the language that faced many changes that affects in several things. For example, some changes occur in writing system, phonological system and other changes during many centuries. English language is about four stages: Old English, Middle English, Modern English, and Early Modern English. In each era, there is an affection of other tribe’s languages on English language. As an example, Germanic tribes who moved into Britain and have an impact on Old English language are (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes). In the same way, the effects of the tribes lead to have many changes in vowel system, which calls the Great Vowel Shift .In this paper, I will discuss the Great Vowel Shift and the the process of that huge change.
The meaning of Great Vowel Shift:
The Great Vowel Shift happened in Modern English between 1500- 1800 which make some changes from Middle English to Modern English. Otto Jespersen is a Danish linguist and he is the discoverer of The Great Vowel Shift. He is the first person who studied the Vowel system and Great Vowel Shift. Furthermore, that period called The Great Vowel Shift because of the huge shift that occurred in vowel system at that time. Additionally, the changes appear in pronunciation during 15th -18th century. Moreover, The Great Vowel Shift is a huge change in the sound system and affects the long vowel of English in 15th to 18th centuries. The meaning of the Great Vowel Shift is "racial change in pronunciation during 15th century as a result of which long vowel sound began to be made higher and further forward in the mouth short round sound were largely unchanged".(The...

... middle of paper ... five Ĩ
(mi:d) (med:ₔ)meed Ē
(go:t) (gᵓ:to) goat Ā
(ru:t) (ro:to) root Ō
(daun) (du:n)down Ū
According to the table above, there is an obvious difference between Chaucer and Shakespeare at their way of writing .Moreover, the differences in the way of producing, all of that is as a result of the Great Vowel Shift that occur at 16th century.
To summarize, The Great Vowel is one of the huge shifts that happened in English language. The Great Vowel Shift change the way of producing the words from Middle English into Modern English .In addition, The Great Vowel Shift makes an effect on the linguistics and English literature. For example, the differences between Chaucer and Shakespeare in their writing anf=d producing the words. Finally, I think, The Great Vowel Shift makes the English language modern after the affection that the language faced .
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