What Is Attending School Essay

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The True Meaning of Dedication For as long as I can remember, I have been attending the Immanuel Lutheran Church. As I was growing up, my mom was big on attending church every Sunday. If we would miss a service or we would be gone, she would make up for it! My mom would grab the children’s Bible and activity book and we would have our own Sunday school lesson. I loved listening to my mom read my favorite Bible stories. If we were on vacation, we would attend our relatives’ churches. Attending church from child years to teen years and then on to adult years has been very important. The stories that I got to listen to were wonderful, but the lessons I learned were absolutely incredible. The people and the lessons can teach a person a lot about who he or she is and who he or she can be. It helped me find who I am and who I want to become as an adult. There are important reasons why we choose to attend church as a family. There are also many effects that come from the great experience. Attending church since I was little helped me become the strong, absolute person I am today. There are numerous reasons why my family and I…show more content…
Throughout these years, I have learned the positives and negatives in life. The church body and God taught me how to bring out the best traits a person can possess. Growing up the way I did makes me want to bring that tradition to my own home. I want my children to have the same church experience. I learned how to teach others about the goodness of the Lord. Attending church sets a positive example on others. It made me feel good and proud. I felt refreshed after I would come home from a wonderful morning at church. I want my family to be beaming with faith and confidence. I had confidence. I knew the Lord was always by my side. Sometimes, when I felt no one was there, I knew He was. I want my future self to look back and remember all of the life lessons that I
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