What Is An Environmentalist?

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What does it means to be an environmentalist.

To be an environmentalist means an individual advocates the preservation of natural resources and helps insure the natural beauty of the land. Unfortunately, too many West Virginia officials take the state’s natural resources for granted and are leading its people to believe there is an endless source of cheap energy in mountain top removal mining. As a West Virginia native this writer knows all to well what happens when big business wins out over land preservation. The most disturbing sight this writer has seen is the aftermath of mountain top removal mining.

Mountain top removal mining has been in practice since the 1960’s. In order to reach the coal around 400 to 500 feet of the mountain top is blasted off to expose the seam. All the excess material from blasting and bulldozing is piled up in the surrounding valleys and streams. The landscape is a pitiful sight resembling a moonscape. There are no trees, no wildlife, just rocks, dirt and mud. However, in 1983 the Federal Government took notice of environmentalist’s actions aga...
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