The United States Government and Out Land

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Mr. Uriah Muhammad The United States Government and Out Land The United States government is known to give its citizens great advise with much care and concern. With this being known, many people come to the conclusion that United States citizens can faith in the government when it comes to making crucial decisions. Terry Tempest Williams is not one of these people. In “The Clan of the One-Breasted Women”, Williams gives her views on the government conducting nuclear tests in Utah. In contrast, in “America’s Energy Plan in Action: Bearing Witness,” an article Williams contributed to Orion magazine and OrionOnline, Williams speaks on issues containing actions of the government drilling for oil and natural gases. This is also conducted in Utah. Both of these articles share a common topic and tone. These two pieces both focus around major concerns for the Earth and how the government will is helping to destroy it for things like nuclear testing and drilling for oil and gases. Most Mormons refrain from confrontation, but Williams is not the type to let issues that are of concern blow over. In “The Clan of the One-Breasted Women,” the urge to protest and fight back is so intense that she dreams about it. Williams feels as though the nuclear testing in Utah is the cause of the many people that is suffering from cancer. She has pretty convincing evidence. She states that no one in her family, but one, had breast cancer preceding 1960. She also goes on to state that the government tested atomic bombs from January 27, 1951 through July 11, 1962. Williams made a bold statement that convincing the public that the testing was not hazardous to human’s health was just a matter of good public relations person of the government. Her tone towards the government is light. She is infuriated with the government because of this and shows it in her tone. She also has a sarcastic tone that would irritate anyone. In this piece Williams uses very effective persuasion. She starts off by telling you about how all the females in her family suffers from breast cancer. This brings a lot of emotion out of the audience that leads to added sympathy fro the author. I know I felt sorry for her. I was on her side from the start of the piece. Her tone was very sentimental. Then she goes on to state facts. Nothing wins an argument better than sound, strong fa... ... middle of paper ... ...g Witness 4) Williams’ two pieces have much similarity in topic and style. In both pieces, she uses an emotional tone to capture the audiences’ attention. And once she has your attention she gives the facts. This is very effective method. Also in both pieces, she uses sarcasm. Sarcasm can be good and bad. But Williams uses sarcasm well in proving her points. On contrary, she uses so well that if you don’t pay attention you will miss it. This can be ineffective if the reader does not possess a high intellectual capacity. Furthermore, the issues that William has brought to the table in these two pieces are very important and overlooked. We should not let the government just walk over us and the land we need to live. We have to question and fight for the land that is irreplaceable. We need to question government actions even if their reasoning sounds convincing. Works Cited Williams, Terry Tempest. “The Clan of the One-Breasted Women.” Community Matters. Ed. Marjorie ford and Elizabeth Schave. New York: Longman, 2002. 125-131. Williams, Terry Tempest. “America’s Energy Plan in Action: Bearing Witness.”

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the views of terry tempest williams in "the clan of the one-breasted women" and "america's energy plan in action: bearing witness."
  • Analyzes how williams, in "the clan of the one-breasted women," dreams about protesting against nuclear testing in utah. she claims that the government tested atomic bombs from 1951 to 1962.
  • Opines that williams uses effective persuasion in her piece. she starts by telling the audience about how all the females in the family suffer from breast cancer.
  • Analyzes how the irene allen v. the united states of america case infuriated williams. it started off fairly pleasing but ended in ruin.
  • Analyzes how williams ends "the clan of one-breasted women" with the telling of her dream. she dreamt that women from everywhere came together to talk, sing, and dance, somewhat like prayer rituals.
  • Analyzes how terry tempest williams' "the clan of one-breasted women" and "america's energy plan in action: bearing witness" are strong pieces against government action.
  • Analyzes how williams is sarcastic and doesn't waste time. she states that access appears to be no problem for companies to come and drill wherever they want. this is an obvious blow towards congress.
  • Analyzes how williams describes the process of drilling in "clan of the one-breasted women," using words that get to the audience's emotions.
  • Analyzes how williams shows sarcasm again when she talks about her conversation with a manager from the bureau of land management.
  • Analyzes how williams' two pieces have a similar topic and style. she uses an emotional tone to capture the audiences' attention and gives the facts.
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