A Summary Of The Documentary Mine Your Own Business?

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The documentary “Mine Your Own Business” asserts that environmentalists’ opposition to the Rosia Montana mining project is unsympathetic to the needs of the locals, prevents economic progression, and locks the locals into lives of eternal poverty. The film claims that the majority of the village’s population support the mine and the investment in their hometown. In interviews with the locals, many state that they are excited about the possible job opportunities and prospective income that the mine will present them. The film further presents foreign environmentalists as aliens who are too far removed from the situation to truly understand the needs of the locals. Furthermore, to respond to the claim that the mining operation would destroy Rosia Montana’s quaint appeal, the director points out that one of the Romanian government’s stipulations was that the mining company, Gabriel Resources, would be required to clean up the existing pollution and to maintain a fund of $30 million to be used for further clean-up of the area after the mining company discontinues its operations. Furtherm...

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