What Is A Negative Experience With A Health Professional?

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A medical consultation is not just a conversation between two people, the clinical practice and medical interview are an essential component of the patients’ illness and healing process (Finkler, 1991). Societal norms have led us to expect a certain level of experience during a clinical encounter, leaving patients unsatisfied if the health professional does not meet the desired expectations (Roter and Hall, 2006). This essay will focus on a negative experience that I had with a health professional when using the NHS 111 service after suffering a reaction to antibiotics prescribed for a Kidney infection. It will focus on the interactions by phone, exploring why it was a negative experience and how power relations can help us understand why.…show more content…
Initially, I spoke to an advisor, whilst at home, who asked a set of automated questions to assess my symptoms and decide the best course of action. Although this was an uncomfortable process, as it was something I had not experienced before, the advisor was patient and understanding (Finkler, 1991). The language used by the advisor was easy to understand from a non-medical perspective and she took her time to explain the information covered. This improved my confidence in the process, but also made me feel as though I was taken seriously and would receive the correct advice. In contrast, when I spoke to the Doctor over the phone there was a noticeable change in terminology and the general flow of conversation. The doctor rushed through the conversation using medical terminology and offered no explanation for his decision. During a medical interaction, it is important for the patient to be confident that the professional is listening and taking their issues seriously as in order for health care to be effective the patient needs to have confidence in the health professional (Staum and Larsen,

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