What Is A Good Friend?

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According to Dunn and Craig, the definition of a friend is a circle of people that care for one another. During my life I have had healthy friendships and bad friendships. While talking to my mother over the years and interviewing her now, she always told me that it is good to have a set of friends that will be there for me, but to not let them dictate my life. That is why, according her, she made sure that I was involved in all the activities that were held at my church, she currently continues to do so. I have noticed over the years that I have constantly moved form group to group of friends, especially after being bullied all throughout elementary school and middle school. The biggest challenge I had was when my class had hit high school,…show more content…
These have helped me understand that people are not always who they say they are. But, when I was going through a hard time with a friend, one of my childhood friends who went to school with me stayed and left all his other friends to comfort me and be there for me. This right here is what a good friend represents I know that these types of people are hard to find, but I am very happy that we came from the same church, same family background, and we did the same activities because this is what brought us closer. My relationship with my parents was not the best growing up because an incident of one my parents telling a secret I told them not to when I was younger. I have noticed that ever since I have started college, I have gotten closer to my mother mostly and little more with my father. We still bicker with one another, but that is normal. Overall, I believe that healthy and bad relationships shape the person you are today and even though it can be too much to handle at times God is always there and has a plan for…show more content…
Two I am 100% Greek, both of my parents come from Greek descents and a little fun fact from the same village. My mother as she has told me over the years, came to America when she married my father and this was the first time she had ever left the country. My father was born here but his parents, my grandparents, immigrated to the United States met here and got married. My culture is a very big part of my life and my family made sure of that growing up. I remember I would always listen to Greek music growing up in the car or radio whenever I was with my mother. She spoke to me in Greek when as a child, Greek and English were equally both my first languages, but I preferred speaking Greek until I went to school. Growing up I have done pretty much everything Greek related in my community such as; Greek Dance, Greek School, Greek language proficiency test, Church school, Vacation Bible School, and many mother things. Every weekend there is always a Greek function my friends would always ask me why I’d put Greek friend before them. This was because my parents taught me and my mom also told me when I talked to her about this is that the people at church are you second family and family they will always be a part of your life through thicken and thin. Even though, this statement has had its flaws, I have found it to be one of the most helpful pieces of information that I had received
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