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No Matter the Letter, Greeks Do It Better In society today, Going Greek is a controversial topic. One of the main questions on every freshman's mind when he or she first arrives at school is "Should I rush a fraternity or a sorority?” This is a particularly tough decision for most people, and there are many determining factors to consider. While evaluating the Greek system as a whole, one must consider the reasons that make becoming part of the Greek system so worthwhile. Joining the Greek system is a unparalleled experience because it gives individuals a second family that helps to make a home away from home, it gives students an easy way to become a major part of campus life, and it provides young adults with a a good foundation as an individuals entering alumni status. …show more content…

However, “Hazing is against the law and is prohibited by national fraternity and sorority headquarters, which govern local chapters on college campuses” (Blake). At Bradley University, a slogan was created to promote anti-hazing: “These hands don’t haze”. Each new member in the chapters across the campus were required to attend a presentation about the consequences of hazing, as well as how to report a hazing incident. This protects the individuals involved in Greek Life because it sets national standards and punishments for those chapters who do choose to haze new members. In conclusion, Greek Life has many positive aspects to offer to a young adult. Through a combination of higher probability of educational success, increased interactivity among the Greek society, preparation for the future, unrivaled personal growth experiences, and lifelong friendship with fellow chapter members, Greek Life positively affects lives. Each student entering college should give rushing a chance due to its many rewarding opportunities it provides. As reported by many individuals, Going Greek contributed to a better experience in college and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that joining a greek fraternity or sorority in college is an unparalleled experience.
  • Explains that greek life is associated with poor grades due to partying, but greek chapters have set up tutors and study groups to help the younger members of the sorority or fraternity excel academically.
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