What Is A Family: What Is A Family?

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What is a family? To many people, this question is easy. People that are blood related and share the same beliefs. Now a day a family is a group of people that love and care for one another. There are many different types of families in America. One of the types of families is same-sex parent families. Gay and lesbian families are when two people of the same-sex starting a family. Some usually were married to the opposite sex before.
Gay and lesbian families are more growing than people think. There are many more gay and lesbian partners and they are starting families. Gay men and women can have children by adoption, co-parenting arrangements, donor fertilization, and surrogacy. “Today, more and more gay and lesbian couples are becoming parents, whether through artificial insemination, a surrogate or LGBT adoption. LifeLong Adoptions caters to heterosexual couples, single parents and gay & lesbian families” (“LGBT adoption”).
There are many advantages of letting same-sex parents adopt children. One they children are better off than foster
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“Those same-sex couples who did marry were also less likely to divorce than heterosexual couples, the researchers discovered. The average divorce rate for same-sex couples was just 1.1 percent annually, compared to an annual average of 2 percent divorce rate for heterosexual couples” (" REPORT: Same-Sex Couples Less Likely to Divorce | Advocate.com"). The rates are lower than opposite sex, but the children and custody is a whole lot harder to do. What happens to the adopted children, the surrogate children, and the children that are biological to one of the parents? If both are the legal parents which mean adopted children, there is the equal right to both parents. However, if one of the parents is the child biological parents: they have the legal rights. Nevertheless, many of the same-sex parents do solve their problems on their own without the court because it does get
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