What I Chose Two Physicians

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I chose two physicians, one who works at administrative side and one who practices, to get their insight into the healthcare system. Dr. Shaheen Vahdani studied internal medicine and holds other credentials that include the Master of Health Information Management (MsHIM), Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Certified Coding Specialist (CCS), Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS), and Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP). Dr. Vahdani has over twenty years of experience in medical field, and ten years ago he decided to shift his focus from practice to administrative side. Dr. Vahdani has worked as the director of clinical documentation improvement and physician advisory. He works with C-suit of hospitals with a concentration on revenue cycle and consults hospitals on how to track and trend the gaps and helps them to improve the quality of care by improving the quality of documentation. Dr. Vahdani has provided numerous training for physicians, CDI staff, and coders based on the benchmark data and a sample review of a hospital’s medical records. He works nationwide and has worked with variety types and size of facilities including small, mid, and large size acute care hospitals, individual, and group practices in different regions. Dr. Vahdani has also helped hospitals with consulting and advisory services, remote auditing, process improvement, operations oversight, identifying strategic opportunities, and delivering solutions that add real value to the bottom line. Most of the hospitals that Dr. Vahdani worked for focus on elderly patients and Diagnostic Related Group (DRG). From Dr. Vahdani’s perspective, the obstacles in delivering quality healthcare are fragmented healthcare system... ... middle of paper ... ...s that e-health is beneficial to get access to the previous history, tests, and procedures and avoid duplicates. E-health also helps to transmit the results live with an interface within EMR/EHR systems. He is part of an ACO and works with a group of cardiologists and provides consultation and electrophysiology services to patients. He says ACOs reduce paperwork, costs, and increases accessibility to comprehensive care. Getting insight about the healthcare system from both physicians, made me realize that ACA and HITECH Act will guide the healthcare system in the right direction. The Acts are aiming to deliver high quality care at an affordable price. The benefits of the Acts outweigh the problems involve with them. The changes in the healthcare system will not happen over a night and require collaboration between government, health care providers, and patients.
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