What Are The Pros And Cons Of International Trade

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Like most things in the world there are pros and cons to doing international trade and in some ways it’s easier to get started in international trade than other fields of business. In this paper we are going to speak about two articles in particular about international trade that both discuss the issues regarding importing and exporting. Both articles are titled “How to start an Import/Export Business” one is from Entrepreneur.com and the other from Theselfemployed.com

An important concern when it comes to international trade has a lot to do with management and more importantly the management of quality of the product and the overall experience of all parties. Those parties mostly include the buyer and seller. First let’s speak about quality
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If a shipment hits a hiccup which leads to products arriving late, leading to additional fees or delay of having product on the shelves for sale can lead to a poor experience. No matter the quality of the product. There are so many things that can contribute to this issue of a poorly managed transaction/shipment. It can be a delay in the funds being delivered or verified, either party of the transaction not following or knowing the particular requirements of the other parties. In addition, not filling out the paperwork properly, registering the item properly, sending it the correct port and paying the correcting fees are just some of the things to consider when managing a properly operated…show more content…
This being a big reason why intermediaries can still negotiate large commissions of 10-20% and sites like Alibaba.com are so incredibly successful. Because truth be told even though manufacturers marketing their products is difficult and intermediaries marketing their services is difficult. Buyers also have a difficult time finding products that they truly desire, especially considering that they would like to purchase foreign made products in order to offer rarer items that come with better profit margins than domestically made items. Every end seller knows that the less middlemen the better and with less costs they can pass the savings off to their consumers while still maintaining a handsome

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