What Are The Plots That Led To Hitler's Suicide

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Adolf Hitler had more plots on his life than any other person (Article , Online). Hitler was a ruthless man; he created concentration camps and killed people who were against him or was different than him. Even his German officers that thought Hitler should be stopped. Thus, came the plan to kill Hitler. There were many plots to kill Hitler, one of which came very close to succeeding, and was the key that led to his own suicide To begin, German officers made a plan of how to make peace with all the countries that Hitler tormented. First off, the plan had three steps. The first step was to kill Hitler, or disable him in a way so that he would not be in control. The second step was to take total control of the Nazis Once they do that, they …show more content…

The conspiracy was formed around the time in which Hitler started the holocaust and concentration camps. Most of the members of the conspiracy were people who worked for Hitler. Therefore, it would be easier to plan and take action upon. They were made with maps and functions. Furthermore, a lot of the minor plots had taken little effect but suspicion to Hitler. Even though all forty-two plots were all explosives, they did not kill him. However, one of them did paralyze him; the July Plot, but, it did not really to damage him in a way. All plots did fail, but the July Plot was the most significant. Next, on July 20, 1944, Claus Von Stauffenberg (Hitler’s Chief of Staff), put a bomb in a suitcase and planted it on the table, on a map, closer to Hitler, where he and his men were having a meeting. Then one of Hitler’s moved the suitcase away off the map away from Hitler, which led to the death of that man. Stauffenberg made an excuse to leave the room, actually running out the building. The bomb exploded; killing many, but only paralyzing Hitler’s arm. “Hitler was certain that fate had spared him.” (History.com …show more content…

In addition, Erwin Rommel was a popular and well respected Marshall associated with the plot. His part in the plot would have been the one to take the control of the Nazis, as soon as Hitler was pronounced dead. Because Hitler had not died he found out about the plan. He gave Rommel a choice of trial for treason and likely death or he could take a poison in order to save his family. He opted for the poison. Since he was a renowned figure, the Nazis covered up his death with a state funeral. (Short 20) Stauffenberg was also part of the conspiracy. After the July Plot he went on the run, he fled from the Wolfsschasse (Hitler’s lair). He was soon found and executed like every other suspected assassin. Because, a lot of the conspirators were likely to work for Hitler, he became paranoid. He constantly changed his schedules at the last minute. He also always had guards with him. This became a tendency (Short

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