What Are The Negative Issues Facing Older Adults

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The life expectancy of aging adults has increased therefore; the need for counseling psychologist to provide services to this population has become more prevalent now than ever before. Due to physical and psychological decline, dependency issues, unexpected loss of employment, societal consequences and death are all challenges that older adults face throughout the aging process. This chapter highlights the growing issues that older adults often face. Summary The authors, Hill, Thorn & Packard (2008) gave a brief outlook of both theoretical and empirical literature reviews of how older adults view themselves along with challenges that they may encounter. He mentioned ways in which psychologist can become more efficient in accommodating such population and provided recommendation for interventions and future…show more content…
It is said to remain more stable throughout aging. Another is fluid intelligence, which measured working memory such as speed and time, but known to decline as age increases. On the other hand, Atchley (1989), Continuity theory, was based on the premise of one 's sense of identity which was influenced by how they viewed themselves both internally and externally (Gamst, Der-Karabetian & 2008). Its constructs focused on the individual’s inner strength that was influenced by their past and societal structures such as culture, family and in the process helped to form internal identity. What the authors made aware that, even though older adults may be from different cultures or environments, they remain the same fundamentally across life span. Therefore, using an approach that would not only provide a framework for intervention, but can help to understand what factors contributed to the aging