What Are The Different Parenting Styles Essay

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No one teaches us how to be parents. As parents raise their children they hope to raise them to be good members of society. A child’s upbringing is reflected as they interact with other children and other people. When they come to act inappropriately or in a way society doesn’t see as normal, the person to blame is the parent. As a parent, today and always, they need to raise their child to meet the societal norms and at the same teach them to be good citizens. The parenting a person receives will be reflected when they form their own family. The belief is then formed to be to raise a better family than the one raised in. The different parenting styles and the factors have to be taken into consideration such as time, the environment, and the social and psychological aspects as well. The belief is to be a loving and tolerating parent but there is no perfect way to parent because each child has their own needs. There is no perfect or best parenting…show more content…
Each parents needs to meet the needs of their child. There are four different parenting styles according to Diana Baumrind, a well-known psychologist for her research on parenting styles in the 1940s. The four styles are the authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved parent based on her studies. The first style permissive can be described by high warmth and low control. The authoritarian style would be high control but low warmth. The uninvolved parent or neglecting style, would be low warmth and low control. Each of these is based on the level of control and the level of warmth. In a situation where the child broke a vase, the permissive parent would console the child and say its “okay” while the authoritarian parent would be furious and punish the child without an explanation, teaching

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