Parenting Style Research Paper

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As an infant, we tend to misconceive the reasons behind our parents guideline and our obedience as to why we should be accepting our guardians ground rule. However, the logic behind their reasoning, is crucial as to why it is significant in our life is questioned, how are we affected by it, the reasons for its importance in our life, in addition, the experiences behind the impact of their unique parenting approach. In this paper, I will be analyzing the process of a parenting style that my parent implemented while I was growing up, it’s relevance to my life, and my understanding revolving around this topic. In order to acquire a better perception of how my parents raised me as a kid, I should acknowledge the fact that there are a vast amount…show more content…
The first type of parenting style is the authoritarian parenting style. It may sound almost like the previous style of parenting but, it’s highly disparate compared to an authoritative parent because they are characterized as being a demanding parent without having the responsibility to guide their children if there were any circumstance. After acknowledging how an authoritarian parent might nurture an infant, I view myself having a low self-esteem, having difficulty with social occasions, and tend to be anxious around my peers. Furthermore, the next style of parenting is a permissive parent. They are known as an indulgent parent or a lenient parent without any worries of committing harmful style of parenting. Acknowledging the fact that I have lenient parents, I will lack in self-discipline, demanding, and insecure. Lastly, the last style of parenting is rejecting-neglecting parents who expects low expectations and low comfort towards their children. The description of a rejected and neglected child is acquiring low self discipline, lack expressions of love, and difficulty of establishing a concrete relationship at the time of
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