What Are Sinc Values?

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There was a lecturer who talked about life and values. She asked her audience to list everything in their lives, whatever they are: things, people, objects, values, achievements, and more. Then, she gave them a scenario. She asked the audience to erase few things from their list, assuming that they are diagnosed with an untreatable disease, and they have a year to live. It was easy. Then, assuming that they have 6 months, erase half. Assuming that they have a month, erase more. Assuming that they have only a day, erase everything but one. Everyone fell silent and they had to make a difficult decision. Out of all things, objects, achievements, people, and ideas, what they chose to leave, I believe, was their value. Values can be defined as cognitive principles that guide behaviors and decisions (Pushkar, Basevitz, Conway, Mason, & Chaikelson, 2003). These values determine how people want to live their lives, and they are what makes people believe that they lived well.…show more content…
Values such as family, honor, or trust are usually more strongly tied to Asian culture (Yi, Yi, & Chang, 2004). The ones considered important by parents can be transmitted with various reasons. Influenced by studies done in Western cultures, Yi, Yi, and Chang (2004) conducted a study to see if Western studies were applicable to Asian culture and to establish whether there is a linkage between parents and children’s values. Based on Kohn’s work, they asked Taiwanese adolescents and parents to rate different values from 4 categories, along with parenting styles, socioeconomic status, and education level. They found that all four categories had significant correlation between parents and children. However, they did not find a correlation between socioeconomic status and education with transmission of values. However, parenting and home environment did. Therefore, regardless of cultures, transmission of value is
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