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Southern Institute of Technology National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Levl5) – US7091 Assignment 1 Values: Values or core values are the fundamental beliefs or the guiding rules that dictate behavior and action., I take my personal core values as decision guidelines that keep me persistent and concentrated in my daily decision-making, and out of trouble. Here are some of my primary values that I strive to survive by: • Honesty: is always the best policy and that trust has to be brought in. I perform best when people are sincere and honest. I make it clear in class that truth is necessary in my world, no matter how painful. • Integrity: is a crucial value for me. Trying to always act in an honorable way of doing…show more content…
Cultural Practices: Teaching at a multicultural environment makes me always appreciate the diversity and I try to capitalise on the different cultural background of my student to enrich the overall learning experience in the classroom. Giving examples from a diverse culture and asking the student to discuss different scenarios based on their cultural background, I found it helpful and encourages all students, regardless of age or cultural background to promote personal contact and effective intercultural skills. I usually begin the first class with an introduction about myself and my cultural background and I ask the student to do the same and that’s enabled me and my student to gain information about the cultural background of others, and the diversity of experience in the classroom.…show more content…
Modes of Address: I prefer students to address me by my first name only and I will write it on the whiteboard as well as on my notes and I pronounce it for them few times. On the other hand, I will ask each student to what is the name or form of address he or she prefers and also I will ask them about the correct pronunciation of their names. Personal Learning Development: Learning new things is really significant as we live in a rapidly changing world with new things almost every daytime, especially in my discipline (Computer Science) it make it essential for me to learn a new things almost every day to cope with the technology changes. I need to find out new things in my area, so that I can continue to improve as a professional. I can experience first-hand the hurdles we place in front of our students. In any case, learning is best for the individual. It contributes to regeneration and growth, without which our intellects will wither. It leads to a questioning tactic and to reflection on experiences from which both me and my students,

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