Westjet Case Study

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Presented in thousands of Canadian dollars, except per share amounts**
The recent economic downturn has served to demonstrate the vulnerability of Westjet global economy and in particular, the tenuous financial thread by which a considerable number of airlines around the world operate. In Canada, there continues to be an uneven playing field that serves to give Canadian operators a disadvantage. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of Canadian passengers who cross the Canada/U.S. border to travel from the U.S. to their destination. This will continue to have a detrimental impact not only on Canadian airlines, but on the economy as a whole through the loss of jobs as passengers take their business out of the country. Westjet continue to call on and work with the federal government to remove these impediments to competition so that Canadians have a competitive choice and Canadian airlines can continue to thrive.
Technological and Social
As Westjet pursue their vision to be one of the top five airlines in the world, Westjet is committed to growing responsibly and ensuring that they are an environmentally sustainable airline. Westjet recognize that as their operations grow, inevitably, so does the environmental footprint.
Westjet operations impact the environment through emissions caused by the burning of aviation fuel and other energy sources. In addition, the materials they use in their business create waste and/or require the use of non-renewable resources.
Burning aviation fuel to operate their aircraft, and using non-renewable energy sources to heat and power their buildings and operational equipment, releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The most direct and tangible control that Westjet...

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...foreign air carrier approved to conduct RNP approaches in the United States to fully leverage their RNP strategy across their route network.

Flying lighter
Westjet have retrofitted their aircraft with gauges to be able to load an exact amount of potable water suitable for the specific flight time. Calculating and carrying the exact amount of water needed will reduce the water weight on average by 90 to 135 kilograms per flight.
Legal and regulatory
While Westjet wants to be the airline you fly with because of their great prices and fun attitude, they still need to let you know about the legalities. The following sets out those terms and conditions under which Westjet allow people to theme their resources whether people just want to find out about them and their services or to carry out booking of travel services and other activities using the information provided.
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