Overall Analysis For Vancouver Olympics

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Overall Analysis For Vancouver Olympics This section of my research presents a brief summary of Vancouver Olympics as an event in terms of sustainability. The Vancouver Olympics climate related goals included LEED certified, energy-efficient venues; the use of renewable and green energy for its power needs; and relying on public transit during the Games – all of which were achieved (Vancouver 2010 2009). VANOC was also successful in diverting 85% of the waste generated during the games to the landfills through various waste reduction, recycling and reusing strategies. Transparency is another important aspect of the Games. According to a David Suzuki Foundation report-card on sustainability, VANOC provided information about its climate related initiatives through its annual sustainability reports, its website, and through effective communications with stakeholders. VANOC was quite open about some of the challenges it faced, including its limited budget for sustainability initiatives, and invited advice and ideas from outside the organization. VANOC published three sustainability reports till date, with two more planned, which is more than any previous Olympic organizing committee.The David Suzuki Foundation gave the Vancouver Olympics a bronze medal overall for its sustainability and environmental efforts (David Suzuki Foundation 2010). An inventory GHG emissions was also carried out by the VANOC. It was estimated that the Vancouver Olympics would generate about 268,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, including 118,000 tonnes mainly from its own operations, 22,000 tonnes from sponsors and partners, and 128,000 tonnes from spectators and others. VANOC is also the first Olympic organizing committee to track and report Ga... ... middle of paper ... ...ainability. One of the initiatives which were clearly lacking the bid document and the David Suzuki foundation analysis of the games was the promotion of healthy and locally grown food for the games. The Sustainability Scorecard makes no mention about health and food, which critical issues in realizing sustainability goals. Although there were various innovative urban agriculture initiatives in the Games Village but on the whole there was not much done in areas relating to health and food. Unpredicted warm winter was one of the major factors which significantly increased the carbon footprint of the Games. As it has already been discussed in Chapter-2 of this report that the organizers of the event were not well prepared for an unexpected warm winter which can be attributed to climate change. Interests of First Nation people were ignored by the Games Organizers.
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