Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society

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Chapter 8 – Holiness of Heart and Life: Sanctification 1. What are the distinctions and similarities between holiness and sanctification? Holiness is “the presence or character of God reflected especially in the quality of human beings’ moral and spiritual lives, while “sanctification”: is the process by which human being are made holy” (p. 79, Campbell and Burns). Wesley believed that there is an inward and outward holiness. Inward holiness is when the individual seek to reflect God’s love in their live. Outward holiness is reflection of God’s love as witness to other people. Holiness is the normal state of being that a person is trying to return to. Sanctification is the process in which a person seeks to obtain holiness. Holiness is a deep intense personal relationship with God’s love. 2. How is the doctrine of faith related to the doctrine of sanctification? Faith is the way an individual responds to the grace of God. Faith is only possible through God and cannot be obtained without God. “Faith is the appropriate way, in which humans respond to the provenience, justifying, and sanctifying grace of God. Human being can and must be collaborators with God in the great work of redemption”(p. 78, Campbell and Burns). Wesley believe that sanctification is by faith and that faith is only possible through the grace of God towards us. 3. What is the distinction between imputed and imparted righteousness? Imputed righteousness is “what Scripture requires is a change in character and a change in the state of the relationship between God and humans” (p. 81, Campbell and Burns). God does not just say you’re forgiven but actually changes you from the inside out. “God not only declares us holy by granting pardon and forgiveness of s... ... middle of paper ... ...ent cultural backgrounds? We, as a congregation, openly exposes the congregation to different cultures from around the country though the adjustment of worship service. We visit a Jewish Rabi during Passover to get a better understanding of the importance and reverence of this festival. We are currently talking to an African American Church in our area where we will exchange pastor twice a year for a Sunday worship experience. We are working to develop a Sunday Evening worship service to meet the needs of young families who are unable to attend Sunday morning worship. We expose the people in the congregation to worship quarterly at the retirement community close to the church by going there for an afternoon worship service. Works Cited 1. Ted A. Campbell and Michael T. Burns., 2004, Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society. Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN.

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