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In this time where the science made miracles possible, and what in years ago was look to be impossible now is possible, for this reason is acceptable and respectable when a traditional married try a different forms of became a parents, there are many treatment to solve this issue, fertilization, hormones, etc. but what happened when all the sources are exhausted; the possibility to adopt a child who need a family can be one of the best options and the most valued accomplishment for this married couple. In America and other countries the number of children waiting for the opportunity to be adopted by a family is immense, they waiting for someone to rescue them, hoping for love and safety before is too late.
Adopting a child is an option for people who for some reason can’t have babies by their own; I am not talking just for traditional couples, but I am talking for people how no married are and couple to the same sex. As we reading in The New York Times, Arkansas is one of the first states in allow, unmarried couple, and gay couple to be eligible to be a adopter or foster parents “Children need loving homes. Prejudice shouldn't stand in the way of that. So it is welcome news that a state judge in Arkansas has struck down a pernicious 2008 state law that barred even qualified same-sex couples and other unmarried couples living together from serving as adoptive or foster parents” for some people the idea to place a child on a same sex family or unmarried families is not the best option for this children, this assumption is ridiculous and insane at the same time, however what is better for this children ‘growing up as a merchandise’? Hoping finds a home before they turn a certain age and don’t qualify for adoption, or have a stable fa...

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... to Lorenda Naylor of Abingdon, Md., and her husband when they try to adopt internationally in 2005, and after all the paper work, the agency with they were working say in six month you will have a baby girl, so go home and get your nursery ready. After the pink hello kitty nursery was ready the availability of children in china waned, and the baby never materialized.
The Unite State also impose its own regulation such a finger print to verify criminal record, medical record to evidence you are in conditions to care a child and the most important, the adopter have to proof the child is complete orphan, because if the child have relatives, the opportunity for the adoption is primary for the relatives over the prospective parents. Meanwhile time passes and the number of children in America waiting grows, and the chances are fading for those who are no longer small.
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