Subtopics Of Transracial Adoption

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Adopting one child will not change the world but for that child, the world will change. Eight percent of families transracially adopt, that percent is larger than it appears. The real question is “Is transracial adoption detrimental to children?” The term transracial adoption means the joining of racially different parents and children together in adoptive families. Most parents who adopt do not care if their soon to be child is Caucasian, African-American, Asian, or Indian. When a parent adopts a preadolescent, they are doing it out of love, and in hopes of starting a family or making an addition to the family. But some psychologists believe transracial adoption demolishes the child's culture and beliefs. What transracial adoption is, how it affects the child, and the decisions that need to be made before adoption are important because they are three of the most important subtopics of transracial adoption.
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When adopting a child from anywhere in the world, corruption exist. For some people, adoption is just a business. The family needs to be aware and alert. An adoptive parent should take into consideration that it is important to make sure the adoption is happening for ethical reasons (McBride). When adoption occurs, a loss occurs as well. When adopting an older child, adoption signifies losing everything they have ever known. Even when adopted as an infant, they are still losing the emotional connection of the person who carried them for nine months. The most important conflict an adoptive family will face is expenses. Not only the expenses of the child, but also the plane tickets, health setbacks, and other additional expenses. Adopting a child is not like giving birth to one; it is more painful for the child rather than the mother in the moment, resulting in many things a family needs to consider before going through with the adoptive

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