Web Developer A Creative Career Choice

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Abstract Web development is a fast growing form of artistic expression that uses computer programming and technical writing skills to create Web sites. Web developers earn an appealing salary that increases as specialized skills are introduced. Formal education and training play a vital role in the preparation and experience of a developer. A survey indicates that most companies today have a Web site and need the skills of developers. Legal issues for developers and employers are introduced. The steps needed to follow a career choice in Web development are outlined. Recommendations and educational needs are discussed. For high school students, this career focuses on aspects of the Web development industry from programming to graphics. Web Development Project I propose to reflect how the fast growing industry of Web development offers a creative and diverse opportunity to work in a field that fulfills the needs of the employers of today. I will address why Web development is a dynamic career choice for high school students, and how to get started in this career. Almost all successful companies have a working Web site and depend on it for supplying everything from information to the actual purchase of products and services. The needs of these employers are fulfilled by Web developers who are trained to not only publish Web sites, but to create a vibrant presentation that supplies information and services to their clients. The Web site we need did not magically appear; it was the detailed work of a skilled Web developer. My interest in Web development came from experience learning to design and build my own personal Web site. It is an outlet that allowed me to combine computer skills and creativity. I enjoyed the creative a... ... middle of paper ... ...nces Adobe launches software for technical writers. (2007, September 25). PC Magazine Online, Retrieved July 18, 2008, from Chapman, R., (2007, June 12). Next move. Computer Weekly, p. 52. (2008). Retrieved August 1, 2008, from Harari, J., (2001). Dot-Com litigation 101: Web site designers. Risk Management, 48(10), 58. Retrieved August 3, 2008, from Gale database. Heglin, S. K. Goozmo takes the pain out of Web site development. (2008, May 22). Boulder County Business Report, p. 15B. Thisner, M., (2004). Webmaster of your own domain: a career in Web design or Web development is training’s best kept secret. Computer User, 22(8), 30. Retrieved July 5, 2008, from Gale database. Web developer. (2007). Tech Directions, 66(9), 22. Retrieved July 27, 2008, from ProQuest database.
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