Weaknesses And Strengths Of Natural Resources Management And Natural Resource Management

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W1, W2 to O1, O2 – Lack of capital and capacity will not facilitate better natural resources management, SME formation and ultimately economic development.
• Lack of capital and capacity inhibit SME formation and lifting millions out of poverty. African countries lack capital and capacity if these capacities are not developed urgently they will limit the use of GIS to make better decisions that results in better environment, disaster, education and health management that may lift millions out of poverty. Capital is available through private investors. However, African countries need to have political stability, business friendly environment and good infrastructure that may be expanded significantly by regional
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The risks and rewards of such efforts being borne by regional members. Scalability of infrastructure projects can be replicated and the lessons learned can be transferred from one regional group to another until all the continent has a robust GIS infrastructure and allow less dependence from image providers Because the regional groupings are already functional dialogue, planning and implementation of GIS projects would be much easier along already established regional…show more content…
African Union (AU) the body that unites all 54 African nations has a fundamental role to play in leadership in adopting GIS policies throughout the continent. Moreover, Africa has nations that have already launched their own satellites including Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. Nodes should be formed based on each region in Africa and these countries that have launched satellites should provide mentorship for infant space programs for these nodes. A fund can be set-up based on AU member countries, development partners and the private sector so that infant space programs can develop and eventually more joint space programs can take root in Africa. Additionally, more sharing of expertise, data and images, including training in GIS amongst African countries will reduce the bargaining power of image producers and the cost of images will be more affordable in the long run. Most of GIS initiatives in Africa are funded by donors and set up as Projects that have a schedule and deadline. During the financial crisis of 2007/08, some of African countries could not access funding for existing and new development projects due to the fact that the donor nations had a “credit crunch” in the home countries. It imperative African countries contribute financially, technically and have the political will in ensuring
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